Xyedo | hafid Mahdi

Hello readers! I'm Xyedo if you know me from Online, or Hafid Mahdi if you know me from my real life. I Have a Major in Electronics, So, ive been suffering writing Embedded C/C++ in Arduino or HAL API in STM32.

I started Web Development espescially in Front-End Development in 2019, when i wanna run away from low level programming to high level like Javascript, and eventually fall in love with Typescript. In 2021, I just tired using Firebase as a Back-End As a Services, I started Learning Back End Development too, espescially in Express and Golang. Because of my background (Embedded C/C++) , i grasp golang Enourmosly because its kinda like C, but battery included. so i started to learn Golang aswell.

I like to call myself T-shaped Engineer because my skillset is broad. Documenting my past project is essential to remember things and sharing my thought through writing blogs makes me can easily share my knowledge and thought. So at last, if you have some critics or need some helps, feel free to contact me.